Address and Phone numbers

Address: 4009 Fitzhugh Ave., Suite 100 Richmond, VA 23230

Phone: (804) 353-6503 Fax: (804) 358-5606E-Mail:

You Can Reach Us Even If The Building is Closed

Even though the building is closed, staff are working from home and are available via phone and email. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need them and if you can’t put your hands on their email address reach out to us at

Everybody stay safe, practice social distancing and we will see you again, hopefully soon.

5 thoughts on “You Can Reach Us Even If The Building is Closed

  1. I am trying to get specific information on GRTC Specialized Transportation for PWD; specific written eligibility requirements.

    I am being refused this information; Advocacy need for all PWD; transparency in the system will make it more effective. I do hope RICILS is doing advocacy in this area as well as Housing…PWD need more than just Referrals to NOWHERE**

  2. Who can I speak to abuot housing , low income housing. I’m in spot my apartment is being work on it’s it’s along storfy while a year ago my landlord came to and he side for me to city hall and get my ack for assistant to fix up the property and they did paying him 3 months of rent to the land lord but he didn’t do anything on 4th month I paid rent for fear I was going to get put out, now the lady upstairs called the city and they came and inspiction on the andfound all worng the place and said that lordlord coun’t rent or put me out andnow he has sold the propertythis landlord wants me out my rent is 600 and Ionly recieve 784 a month plesase call me or email me. 804-689-0197 or

    1. hey Karen, we refer everyone needing housing to

      That is the best reference in the community. We are not a housing agency but that site has been helpful.

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