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Address: 4009 Fitzhugh Ave., Suite 100 Richmond, VA 23230

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Success Stories

Providing services when you need them, where you need them . . .

T.J. is a 23 year old female with a primary disability of Autism. She originally started with the agency in order to attend the Summer Youth Program. She has completed multiple Independent Living classes including learning to drive, nutrition, teen issues, computers, leisure activities and job seeking skills. She was able to use all this information to move into her own apartment and in addition, now has her driver’s license.

AT is a 27 year old female whose primary disability is a Musculoskeletal Disorder injury to spine after a fall on the job. After several frustrating medical interventions and a disability denial, she was referred to us from another nonprofit for advocacy, community independent living resources and help with benefits. Early on, staff was able to prioritize her needs and collaborate on a plan. Eventually she was approved for Disability, her credit was repaired and improved and she was able to maintain her current apartment and stay independent in the community.

J.B. is a 61 year old female with multiple physical disabilities. She wanted to move into her own apartment (she had been staying with friends) and needed assistance. Staff was able to arrange for her to move into her own unit, create a budget that allowed her sufficient spending money after her bills were paid and assisted her with applying for her Social Security benefits. She was then placed on the agency waitlist to receive a Housing Choice Voucher, which will give her greater financial flexibility when implemented.