Success Stories

Providing services when you need them, where you need them…

 LB is a female with Parkinson’s disorder, depression/anxiety who was referred for Social Security Ticket to Work program. She had a history of not being able to maintain employment but she sincerely wanted to be working.  Staff at RIL assisted her in developing some employment goals to identify a healthier match.  This process enabled her to identify her desire to write and edit into an opportunity to work as an associate editor for a magazine.   Staff continues to assist with coordinating her medical issues and balancing her work/life schedule.   LB hopes to stabilize her life so that she can eventually get off of SSA and be totally self-sufficient.

 M.E. is a 78-year-old female who suffered severe pain from childhood birth defects.   She needed assistance with her mobility as it was becoming harder to get around on her feet.  Staff was able to assist her with an application to ATLFA and she was approved.  With the funds she received she was able to purchase a new travel scooter that folds up and fits in her car.  This allows her to use it when she has to walk any significant distance such as at the grocery store or the VA hospital where she volunteers.  Staff also arranged to have a ramp installed at her home for easier access in and out.  Finally the agency was able to assist her in finding a part-time job and she is excited that she is staying busy.

H.R. is a 91-year-old male who was referred to the agency for home modifications.  Because of his arthritis, he was having difficulty in his bathroom.   Through the VHDA home modification program, we were able to install a tub cut, extended shower head hose, and shower seat.  He is now able to move in and out of his shower without assistance and can remain living independently in his home.