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New Treatment Improves Survival Time in Cancer Patients.

(CNN) Combining an immunotherapy drug with chemotherapy nearly doubled the survival time of some lung cancer patients compared to patients treated with chemotherapy alone, new research published Monday in the New England Journal of Medicine showed. The study results apply…

Man Who Ate World’s Hottest Chili is Hospitalized With Excruciating Headaches

A man bit off more than he could chew when he tackled the world’s hottest chili, the so-called “Carolina Reaper,” and was left with excruciating headaches. In the first ever recorded such case, the next few days after eating the…

Marathon Bomb Survivors Inspire Medical Advances

In the five years since the Boston Marathon bombing, medical science has made promising advances in amputations and artificial limbs, in part because of lessons learned from the victims and research dollars made available as a result of the attack….

Measles Cases Triple in Europe in 2017

(CNN)Thirty European nations reported a total of 14,451 measles cases in 2017 — more than three times the number reported in 2016, according to a new surveillance update from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, an agency of…