Programs & Services



        Peer Support
        Information and Referral
        Independent Living Skills


In addition to the 4 Core Services that are offered by all Centers for Independent Living, RIL offers the following additional services to consumers who request them:

  • Case Management
  • Personal Assistant Registry
  • Support Groups
  • Job Training and Placement
  • Technical Assistance
  • Transportation Training/Assistance Referrals
  • Interpreter/Reader
  • Housing Assistance and Placement
  • Community Education/Training

For individuals who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing, we have a Public Access Videophone (PAV Machine) that is available for anyone to use during normal business hours.  

We also have a Speakers Bureau, where we provide speakers to go to your organization, school, or place of employment to talk about Disability Awareness, Disability Etiquette or Guidelines for ADA Compliance.  The Executive Director is also active in the community talking about the organization, the work we are engaged in and the ongoing need for our services in the community.  Contact the office if you wish to schedule a visit.

Finally we do complimentary ADA assessments for local businesses.  Our Center is uniquely qualified because we have an employee with a disability and a degree in Architecture, and she performs all our assessments.   We provide businesses with a comprehensive report detailing all aspects of their facility from parking lots to bathrooms, along with a section of recommendations for them to consider.  This service is free although we do suggest a contribution to the agency!


If you have questions about any of these services or if you would like more information, please contact our office directly at (804) 353-6503